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What are the benefits of blue light?

Blue light encourages diameter growth in plants, resulting in stronger stems, vines and trunks. Blue light also blocks harmful UV light from getting to your young plants. For more information on blue light click here.

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How will using shelters save money in my vineyard?

Using BLUE-X® Plant Shelters will result in significant labor savings as it will not be necessary to tie up the vines or train them to the wire.

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Won't the vine get too hot inside the shelter?

BLUE-X® Plant Shelters are designed to admit the proper amount of light to encourage growth.

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How long should shelters be left on grapevines?

BLUE-X® Plant Shelters should be left on the grapevines throughout the first growing season.

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How are the shelters removed?

BLUE-X® Plant Shelters can be removed by slitting the outer poly bag with a knife or a BLUE-X® cutting tool. The inner tubing can be stored flat and reused up to three seasons.

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How long should shelters be left on seedlings?

BLUE-X® Plant Shelters should be left on the tree seedlings as long as they could be harmed by rodents, rabbits or deer.

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How do I place an order?

You can place an order in a number of ways:

Tell us how many you would like and what size. We will be glad to give you a shipping quote if you provide your ZIP Code.

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How quickly can I expect to receive my order of BLUE-X® shelters?

We usually have stock on hand to ship within a day of receiving your order. Generally orders of less than 2,000 units are shipped by UPS from California. Deliveries to the West Coast should arrive within 3-4 working days, deliveries to the East Coast should arrive within 6-8 working days. Special arrangements can be made if you need your order in less time.
Generally orders of more than 2,000 units, depending on the height, are shipped by common carrier, usually within 2-3 working days of receiving your order. For orders of 20,000 units or more, call to arrange a shipping date.

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How can I pay for my order?

We accept VISA, MasterCharge and Discover credit cards and personal checks. Provide the number and expiration date of your credit card when you place your order. For orders of more than $1,000, call or e-mail to make other arrangements for payment.

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What are replacement sleeves?

BLUE-X® Shelters are constructed using a patented two piece method. They consist of a single sheet of blue plastic film (Part A) that is rolled up and inserted into a blue-tinted poly sleeve (Part B) that is open at both ends. When the Shelter is no longer needed, it can be removed by slitting the poly sleeve. The inner blue plastic film (Part A) can be stored for reuse. A replacement sleeve (Part B) can be purchased separately in order to reuse the plastic film. These replacement sleeves are available at a fraction of the original cost of the complete shelter.

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How much are replacement sleeves?

The current prices for replacement sleeves can be found on the prices page.