Tree Shelters

For accelerated growth, enhanced seedling survival, and reduced costs for commercial growers, reforestation projects, urban forests, and all tree planting projects large or small - use BLUE-X® Treeshelters.

Blue X 33

BLUE-X® Treeshelters are designed to protect seedlings and accelerate early growth. BLUE-X® Treeshelters are placed around seeds, seedlings or transplants at planting time, or retro-fitted to existing seedlings.

Field studies of treeshelters have documented increased growth rates averaging 100-150%, with certain species exceeding 500%. A seedling with enhanced early growth will always be ahead of a plant of the same age that does not have the growth advantage provided by a BLUE-X® Treeshelter.

Seedlings are protected from rodents, rabbits, and other herbivores and from chemical sprays during critical early growth. BLUE-X® Tree Shelters, when properly installed, block herbicide drift and provide non-chemical pest protection, maximizing seedling survival.

BLUE-X® Treeshelters create a beneficial microclimate inside the shelter for each seedling, with:

  • Increased humidity
  • Higher CO2 levels
  • Reduced drying and mechanical damage caused by wind
  • Reduction of harmful UV light
  • Beneficial blue light effect

BLUE-X® Treeshelters are the only treeshelters offering the unique characteristics of amplified blue light to your plants. One of the benefits of blue light is to encourage diameter growth in trees, resulting in stronger stems and trunks. Click here for more information on the importance of blue light.

BLUE-X® Treeshelters are 3-1/2 inches in diameter and are available in 15, 24, 30, 48 and 54 inch heights. Depending upon the application, they are used with a wood, steel or bamboo stake.