Customer Comments

Customer Comments

Thanks Guys, I’ve always had great results with your tubes with all my vineyard installations. Blue-X is our grow tube of choice, Much appreciated…

Best wishes,

-George Walker


I purchased 150 of your 24″ Blue-X vine shelters and am very happy with the results. They are everything that you advertised that they are!
Nevada City, California


I’ve been an advocate for your product to anyone that will listen. Blue-X has been great for my trees, Thanks Again!
McDonald Assoc.


I have ordered around 500 tubes from you guys in the last 5 years and wanted to say thanks! Your product works awesome. I have convinced a few people here from work to also purchase them. Here is a picture of an apple tree that was 6″ tall and planted in spring. It is now crawling out of a 54″ tube!
We were looking at getting at least 150 more.
-Jeremiah Schweitzer


Just thought you might like to see how your Blue-X shelters are doing for me. I planted an acre of Chambourcin French hybrid on April 10. The vines were 1X plants from Double A Vineyards in Fredonia NY. This picture was taken September 10–only 5 months–and the vines have shown a tremendous growth. The trellis is standard 6 foot high 3 wire.
Jonesborough Vineyard
Jonesborough, Tennessee


We are so pleased with the performance of your grow tubes we would like to order more.
Shenandoah Vineyards, Edinburg, VA


Blue-X Tubes In Texas… 5 month old vineyard with your Blue-X Tubes. The vines are Syrah on Freedom Rootstock and Barbara on 5C Teleski Rootstock. We have all of them trained to the fruiting wire. On the Syrah we have cut between 10 and 30 feet off of the canes. People are showing interest in your tubes.
Peter’s Prairie Vineyard, Mason, Texas


I am amazed at the difference in growth in as little as a week after initial planting. The plants with the Blue-X tubes have leaves, where the vines without the Blue-X tubes barely have buds starting. Needless to say, I placed an order to get the remainder of my vines in the Blue-X tubes. Thanks for a great product,
St. Louis, Missouri


I am pleased with the Blue- and my grapes here in South Carolina. I ran a comparison of grapes with and without Blue-X just to see. The ability to use Roundup in the vineyard is more than enough to justify the Blue-X in my opinion…
Anderson, South Carolina


We bought Blue-X for our grape vines this year they are working great.
-The Smiths


Well my little test with your Grow Tubes worked. I took off the tubes in late September, and had two bunches of grapes growing in the tube. They were sweet. Anyway the vines went over my head and had to be trained in July. I did some heavy pruning but I anticipate an excellent test of juice for the second season. That was with 12 seedlings, and no loss!
Oregon, Ohio


Just a note to let you know that the Direct Seed Planters are in use in Alvin Texas. I’ll have some pictures for you soon and will follow up with pictures as the trees start coming up.
Alvin, Texas


Hi guys,
36 inches since mid March! I love it! Thanks…
Southern California


Please send me 100 of your 30″ tree shelters. We have been very satisfied with them but we just ran out and have another 80 trees to plant.
Boyertown, Pennsylvania


Good afternoon,
I wanted to send you some positive feedback on your tree shelters! I purchased some Dunstan Chestnut trees to be planted on my property in Muscoda Wisconsin. The chestnut trees were appx 18” tall when I rec’d them. I planted them on 5/12/13. I just checked them again on Sunday 7/14/13. As you can see from the picture, they have grown out the top of the 54” grow tubes already! I read the testimonials but didn’t think I could have that type of result in our climate here! I am planning to plant 25 more apple trees next year and will definitely be ordering more tree shelters for that! Thanks for a great product!
-Mike Koenig