Staking and Ventilation Punch

Staking and Ventilation Punch

staking punchThe McGill Punchline features a 1/4”- inch round punch and is perfect for making anchoring and ventilation holes. BLUE-X® Standard tree tubes are manufactured as a solid wall grow tube but can be easily vented with our staking and ventilation punch. The punch reaches 2”- inches from the edge of your material making it easy to punch your anchoring and ventilation holes. Our punch features a removable plastic receptacle along with removable, washable cushioned grips for comfort. The punch shape is displayed on both sides of the comfort grips for easy identification.

NOTE: Orders of 100 units or more of our 48”- inch and 54”- inch sizes will receive a free Staking and Ventilation Punch upon request.


Once your grow tube is installed and anchored to the stake, simply pinch one side of the tube together starting at approximately 24-inches from the bottom of the grow tube punch as many or as few holes as needed and repeat on the opposite side.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We recommend that you not ventilate any lower than 24” from the bottom of the grow tube. This allows room to be safe from human error with hand or mechanical sprayers when using any type of herbicides. If you are going to use herbicides, we recommend that you apply them on a day with as little wind as possible. Studies have shown that herbicides sprayed in just a 4-mph wind have traveled up to 10+ miles from the point of application.