Weed Mats

Weed Mats

VisPore® Weed Mats

weed matsWeed control is a very important element of getting the most growth out of your newly planted trees or plants.  Herbaceous weeds are a huge drain on your new tree or seedlings chance for survival.  They will try and compete for the surrounding water and nutrients directly around your new tree or seedling.

VisPore® weed mats keep herbaceous weeds at bay by utilizing Microfunnels®.  Over 400 Microfunnels® cover each square inch of a VisPore® weed mat. These tiny funnel-shaped holes block sunlight and weeds but allow water to pass through the mat and down into the soil. When very little rain falls, VisPore® traps moisture and protects it from evaporation caused by sunlight and wind.    The dimensions of the VisPore® Weed Mat are 3’ x 3’ x 2.5-mil thick. The VisPore® Weed Mat provides 9 square feet of weed control around each tree or seedling.  By utilizing VisPore® Weed Mats you will give your new tree or seedling a far better chance for accelerated growth, survival and a successful planting.

Installation of VisPore® Weed Mats

Since the VisPore® utilizes micro funnels, it creates a “one way” flow of water through the fabric.  To ensure that you install the mats correctly, install the mats with the shiny side up.  This will allow water to flow through and down to the soil and trap the moisture underneath the mat and protect it from evaporation giving your tree or seedling the best chance for survival.

Price includes 4 ground staples.


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