Fertilizer Packs

Fertilizer Packs

Fertilizer Packs

About Nutri-Pak® Products

Nutri-Pak® fertilizer packets have a revolutionary method of delivering nutrients to a plant’s root zone. This method guarantees that nutrient loss due to leaching or runoff is averted, the cost of labor and supplies are reduced, and damage to the plant from too much fertilizer is eliminated. Nutri-Pak® is also safer for you and the environment because the packets are installed unopened so you never come into contact with the fertilizer itself, and because of its very controlled release, there is no surface or groundwater contamination.

How They Work

Each fertilizer packet contains a pre-measured amount of precisely formulated nutrients for proper feeding. Simply bury the required number of packets 6 to 8 inches deep, intact, around the root system of a plant. Microscopic pores allow water vapor to enter the packet, dissolve the nutrients, then gradually and consistently release fertilizer to the feeder roots. Nothing could be easier — no mixing, no measuring, and no mess. In addition, Nutri-Pak® lasts for either one or three years (in year-round growing conditions), depending on packet size selected.

Fertilizer Packs

Traditional Fertilizers

When fertilizer is used in block or spike form or broadcast topically, it breaks apart quickly allowing irrigation or rainfall to wash nutrients through the soil and into our vital groundwater supply. Even worse, topically broadcast fertilizers will often run off directly into storm sewers, as well as rivers, lakes, and streams. Consequently, the valuable nutrients may not be available to the plantings.


The packet method significantly improves the plant’s use of fertilizer, making it possible for only a few ounces of fertilizer to last up to three years, even in tropical zones. This efficient use of nitrogen greatly reduces the potential for excess nitrates entering our water supplies.

All plant species show improvement when nutrients are made available to them in a slow and consistent manner, which is the inherent characteristic of Nutri-Pak®. Consider using Nutri-Pak® for your current or next planting job and judge for yourself if you find Nutri-Pak® to be a beneficial addition to your growing program:

  • Dramatically increases growth rates
  • Provides nutrients up to three years* with just one application
  • Reduces over- or under-feeding and improper placement of fertilizers
  • Safer for the environment helps eliminate harmful groundwater pollution
  • Supplies nutrients only during the growing season
  • No mixing, no measuring, and no mess
  • Assists growers and landscapers by promoting faster growth to maturity
  • Eliminates the danger of shocking or burning young root systems
  • Foolproof installation for homeowners and landscaping crews because it takes the guesswork out of fertilizing
  • Safer for you because the packets are buried unopened so you never come in contact with the fertilizer itself
  • Length of feeding period normally lasts three years; may last up to five years in northern zones.

We offer 2 Nutri-Pak® fertilizer packets in special nutrient formulas for these applications:

Trees, Shrubs, and Evergreens

Fruit, Nut, and Flowering Trees

Fertilization at Planting Time is Critical for Developing Healthy Trees:

We recommend using the Nutri-Pak® time release fertilizer packets at the time of transplanting your seedling, bare root seedlings or trees.  Allowing newly planted trees the nourishment, they need from day 1 is critical to helping your new planting get off to a good start establishing a strong root system against the threats to competing surroundings and allowing it a better chance to succeed.

Transplanting shock typically occurs right after transplanting.  The newly planted seedlings first job is to integrate its micro roots into the surrounding soil, it has limited time and resources to get its small roots through this initial stage of the planting.  The biological transition of a newly planted tree or vine and the effects that follow can alter the growth pattern for a tree or vines entire life cycle.

One of the best ways to establish healthy trees is starting with a small one.  Beginning with small seedings, bare root or direct seeding ensures that your seedlings root system will be developing and spreading its tiny micro roots from the earliest point in its life as possible.  Direct seeding would be the best way to establish a superior root system but a small bare-root or small seedling would still be right in line with this concept.  Allowing your newly planted seeding to get the proper nutrients early in its life cycle is one of the best things you can do for your new planting.  By using Nutri-Pak® time release fertilizer packets from day 1 you’re giving it the best chance for survival and success in developing a strong healthy root system thus starting the cycle of developing a strong healthy tree.


Place fertilizer packets 1.5”- inch to 2”- inch inches from the seedling, bare-root or tree roots and at a depth of 6 to 8 – inches.  You can improve results by locating the Packet/Packets in an organic layer or next to the organic material.

Application Rates:

Bare-Root Seedlings

2 Packets per seedling or bare-root 12”- inches or less plant height or trunk diameter.

(Place one on each side for even feeding)

Container-grown seedlings or Potted trees

Place 2 or more packets 6-8 inches deep in the planting hole evenly spaced around the outer edges of the roots.  For new plantings over 1” in caliper diameter, use 2 packets per additional caliper inch of tree trunk diameter.

Established Tree Plantings

Bury 2 packets per caliper inch of tree trunk diameter, 6-8 inches deep evenly spaced around the drip line of the tree.

Shrubs and Bushes

Follow tree-planting instruction for placement and use 2 packets per shrub or bush. For plants larger than 2 feet, use 1 packet per foot of height or spread.

Important Note – Seedlings subjected to stress that could be expected to experience extended periods of drought during the first growing season or that show low growth or vigor, should have the packets placed approximately 2”- inch below or to the side of the roots.

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