Free Shipping or is it?

Free Shipping – or is it?

Some companies advertise “FREE SHIPPING” but let’s face it, unless your Amazon and turn enough volume that you can absorb those costs, shipping isn’t really free!  In most cases companies that offer free shipping have elevated product prices to cover that cost and in many cases are making additional revenue on the shipping charge as well!

Below is an example of shipping to a customer in Colorado:

Shipping from BLUE-X® Enterprises Inc.:
100 – 48″ Standard BLUE-X® Grow Tubes at $2.05 per unit + $34.90 in shipping costs = $239.90

Competitors cost with “Free Shipping”:
100 – 48″ Tubes with “Free Shipping” $398.00

We feel that by breaking the shipping cost out to each customers location as opposed to charging every customer the same amount is offering a better service and value to the customer.

Here at BLUE-X® we strive to get the products you purchased delivered at the lowest possible cost.  With fluctuating raw materials markets and shipping fuel surcharges being everchanging we are regularly doing cost analysis on our overall costs including delivery costs.  We are always checking to make sure our customers are receiving the best possible shipping and product rates we can offer.  With our flat compact shipping model and the price point of our products we think that we have our competitors beat hands down at every level, Performance, Price, Service and Delivery…