100 Pack Grow Tubes

100 Pack Grow Tubes



Blue-X® grow tubes consist of 2 parts, Part-A (inner sheet) and Part-B (outer Poly Sleeve). Both parts are included in the pack.  Our grow tubes ship flat and assemble quickly to be installed into the field.  All Blue-X® grow tubes are 3.5 inches in diameter.

For custom quantity orders other than what is listed on our website please call, 888-472-5839 for assistance or submit our online order form by clicking here

If ordering more than one 100 pack of our 15″, 24″ or 30″ grow tubes, please see our 200 pack for a price break.


Blue-X® Grow Tubes:

  • Allow the perfect blend of sunlight and temperature for accelerated even root to shoot growth.
  • Have seen increased growth rates averaging 100-150%, with certain species exceeding 500%.
  • Protect young trees from chemical sprays and reduced drying and mechanical damage caused by wind.
  • When properly installed, block herbicide drift and provide non-chemical pest protection, maximizing seedling survival.
  • Blocks a significant amount of sun’s hash UV rays which can damage your newly planted tree or vines DNA and hinder growth.
  • Blue-X® grow tubes measure 3.5-inches in diameter and have an outdoor life of 3-5 years.


  • 15-inch (38 cm.) Grow Tube height is designed for Cordon/Fruiting wires 24-Inches Tall.
  • 24-inch (60 cm.) Grow Tube height is designed for Cordon/Fruiting wires 30 – 36-Inches Tall.
  • 30-inch (76 cm.) Grow Tube height is designed for Cordon/Fruiting wires 36 – 72-Inches Tall.
  • 48-inch (122 cm.) and 54-inch (122 cm.)  Grow Tube height is designed to accelerate early growth and protect deciduous (broadleaf) trees against damage by browsing animals and herbicide drift. 

NOTE: Orders of 100 units or more of our 48”– inch and 54”– inch sizes will receive a free Staking and Ventilation Punch upon request. 

(Please request Free Punch in the notes area at check out.)

NOTE: (Grow tubes do not come with support stakes or anchoring ties.)


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