100 Pack Replacement Sleeves

100 Pack Replacement Sleeves


Blue-X® Replacement Poly Sleeves in Boxes of 100 per box.

Replacement Poly Sleeves (Part B) are available for purchase separately for those who save the inner sheet (Part A) for reuse.

For custom quantity orders other than what is listed on our website please call, 888-472-5839 for assistance or submit our online order form by clicking here.


When the grow tube is no longer needed on the vine or orchard tree, it can be removed by slitting the outer Poly Sleeve (PART-B).  The inner sheet (Part-A) can then be stored flat out of the sunlight for reuse on the next planting.  Blue-X® replacement Poly Sleeves are fraction of the cost of a new complete unit for those that recycle and reuse the inner sheet (Part-A).

Our Ploy Sleeve (PART-B) is manufactured from a (Low-Density Poly Ethelene), (LDPE), which is #4 recyclable.  Only virgin materials are used to ensure consistent scattered light transmission to your tree or vine and UV stabilization to the Poly Sleeve.  UV stabilization allows our Poly Sleeve to withstand the suns hash UV rays that might otherwise be affected by using recycled materials.  Blue-X® grow tubes measure 3.5-inches in diameter and have an outdoor life of 3-5 years.

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